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Jef Brown
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450+ Vector and Raster brushes for Affinity Photo & Designer

The Drawing and Painting Set of brushes for Affinity photo and designer with free updates forever.

The Raster brushes allow for more expressivity in the Pixel persona. Draw, paint, erase, and blend to create beautiful digital work in Affinity for MacOS/Windows and iOS.

Each vector brush was made from high resolution scans of various pens, brushes, and writing instruments to create unique and beautiful strokes in the Draw persona of Affinity Designer. All brushes are created to take advantage of the pressure sensitivity of a drawing tablet/surface BUT can be used with a standard mouse with the same results.


The Box Set Includes:


Raster Brushes

  • 33 count | The idea brushes that demonstrate the creamy blending oil paint is known for. Each smooth bristle brush/blender respond to pen pressure by giving each stroke unique characteristics idea for blending.


Raster Brushes

  • 28 count | These crisp and expressive brushes display their stroke characteristics and are great for painting with bold colors.

Raster Brushes

  • 33 count | These brushes are a great tool for the foundation of a piece. They provide an accuracy that allows for creating detailed line work and capturing gradual value changes.

Watercolor + Gouache
Raster Brushes

  • 44 Count |  I am extremely proud of these. Each brush is tooled to  beautifully simulate washes, round, and dry brushes in watercolor and Gouache based on pen pressure. 

Raster Brushes

  • 25 count | Various Pens and Markers that are great for inking and fine line work. The pressure sensitivity is set so you get a beautiful line each time.

Vector Brushes

    • 50 count | Recreate liquid drips that are completely editable in their shape/direction. These brushes demonstrate how useful vector brushes can be!

Charcoal & Graphite

Vector Brushes

  • 50 count | Vector Brushes made to give vector strokes a textured graphite/charcoal style.

Sumi-E Ink
Vector Brushes

  • 50 count | Created to simulate brush strokes of Japanese sumi-e ink paintings- Each named after a different mountain in Japan.

Hand Lettering
Vector Brushes

  • 50 count | Vector brushes designed to create hand lettered typography. Each generated from high-res scans of popular brushes, pens, and brush pens.

Pen and Ink
Vector Brushes

  • 50 count | Vector brushes designed to create unique strokes for your illustrations all created from composites scans of drawing tools and materials.

Vector Brushes

  • 50 count | to create unique strokes for your illustrations all created from composites scans of drawing tools and materials.

 Additional Materials

  • Instructions
  • Brush Manifests
  • License

Thanks a million for your support. I hope you enjoy using these brushes and they help you make art! - Wren

  • The Box Set

  • The Box Set


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